Symposium “INTERNATIONAL BUTOH” / シンポジウム『国際舞踏』

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I could receive an information about a symposium “INTERNATIONAL BUTOH” from Vangeline. I will hold it together with her on November in New York this year. From Sao Paulo, Cristina Elias will join this symposium as one of speakers. After this symposium My performance and Vangeline’s performance will be hold as 3 days program. Now we see a phenomenon called “2nd Butoh Boom” gets around the world, so this symposium will be an important meaning for it. We have a possibility to jump up Butoh to a new field beyond the difference of “Butoh with Darkness” and “Improvisation Butoh”.


[date] November 13 18:00 
[venue] Howl! Art in Manhattan (6E 1st St, New York, NY tel; 917 475-1294)
[fee] free admission
[3 themes] “What is Butoh?”, “International Butoh”, and “What is Space Dance?” 
[demonstration] Tetsuro Fukuhara and Vangeline
●Performance “FLOWER SECRET by Tetsuro Fukuhara” and “Vangeline Theater”
[date] November 17 & 18 & 19
[venue] Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn
[require] Vangeline; / Tetsuro;

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