What is Space Dance? Together with 5th Dimension World / スペースダンスとは何か? 五次元世界と共に

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「Study for Dance 8 / ダンスの研究8
Influenced by Lisa Randall’s hypothesis of “5th Dimension World“.

When “he” stands up in a Space “FLUCTUATION” will come up. The audience see him as a dancer who lives in a Space and see him as a dancer who dances as a Space. There, a Space moves with a “FLUCTUATION” together with his movements. 5th Dimension World appears into this “FLUCTUATION” in a Space, so he is dancing while he is bring 5th Dimension World into our world. At last the audience start to think about him, he exists both into our world and into 5th Dimension World same time as a double-existence.



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