日別アーカイブ: 2016-01-01

リタールとの再会 / Meeting again with Lital

Last month, I could meet again with Lital Khaikin, Canadian editor and curator. Then, this year i can start “Design after Dance” project together with her, Canadian architect, and designer to develop Space Dance Project in Montreal this year. Her understanding about Japanese Culture is “A global thought experiment, but with the body“, i think this is very nice for our japanese. Also she love Japanese Butoh and Shusaku Arakawa’s architectural works so much, so she could join my Space Dance Project.
Also, she could understand about a Space Tube, a symbolic installation of Space Dance Project, as “Space Tube is a Boundary Object, it is not an end in itself“. Her understudying is perfectly same with my thinking. Yes, Space Tube is not an end in itself, so Space Tube have unlimited possibilities, we can develop several images about new spaces based on Space Tube. So, in short, now i could meet with her as one of ideal collaborators.

21世紀版バウハウス / Bauhaus for 21st century

この数年、私は海外では「New Butoh Space Dance」と名づけたワークショップを開催し、「21世紀版パウハウス」をめざしている。ダンスに含まれる「身体知」を情報化して諸々のデザインとして社会化しようという「ダンス&デザイン」の運動だ。今年から新しい組織もでき、この運動はさらに加速される。その出発のために、この「賞」は何よりの励まし。有り難う、バンジェリン!
On November last year, after my duo performance with French Butoh dancer Vangeline in New York, i could get a “Prize” from Vangeline Theater. I can read a word on its trophy “For your outstanding contribution to Butoh”. My standing position as a New Butoh Dancer was understood very well, so i was so happy.
In these years i have continued to hold “New Butoh Space Dance Workshop” at many foreign cities in the world and I aim to build up “Bauhaus for 21st century“. This is a “Dance & Design” movement to make an information “Tacit Knowledge” as visual images and socialize it as several designs. This year i could start a new organization to accelerate this movement. so, for my new start this “Prize” will be a good incentive. Thank you Vangeline!

多層的な顔、新しい職業 / Multiple Face. New Job



One time a designer Tokujin Yoshioka could attract a person’s attention when he presented a “Fiber Wall“. Because people think “Fiber Wall” will be a long-expected new idea to innovate the Architecture. I found a very nice his word “I think the time only designer will design will finish” on a mail magazine of “Roppongi Future Conference”.

So, we can say same kind of many words like “The time only scientist will make a science will finish” and “The time only dancer will dance will finish” changed by the subjects. And, many established fields will break up, then, we can reach a new era. Naturally, with its fruits, we will find many people who have a “Multiple Face” and a “New Job” with like both scientist and dancer. What interesting era!

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