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最終の到着地点? / final destination?



彼女が舞踏に惚れ込んだ理由は? / What is a reason she loved Butoh so much?

チリネが『Spiritual Journey』の撮影を終わり帰国した。小さい時からダンスを始め、僕が1996年にベイルートで出会った時は20才。40才になった彼女は今、レバノンとカナダのパスポートを持ち、夫の赴任先のマニラに住み、ロンドンの大学院の心理学の博士課程を取っている最中で、しかも二児の母なので、とても忙しい。そんな彼女が舞踏に惚れ込んだ理由は何か?

 I could finish to catch Chirine’s “Spiritual Journey, then she returned to her country. She started to study a dance from the child and she was 20 years old when i met her at Beirut on 1996. Now she is 40 years old, she has two passports of Canada and Lebanon, now she lives in Manila, the city of her husband’s job, and she is in the middle of taking a doctoral course of psychology at a graduate school in London, besides she is a mother with two children, so everyday she is very busy. Why such Chirine loves Butoh so much?

チリネのスペースダンス / Chirine’s Space Dance

現在、チリネが来日し、彼女の『Spiritual Journey』を撮影中。彼女は、僕が1996年に激しい内戦が終わったばかりのレバノンの首都ベイルートでスペースダンスプロジェクトを実施した時の参加者の一人。彼女はその後波乱の人生を生き、世界の各地を移動し、20年ぶりに東京で出会った。彼女は僕が教えた舞踏で人生が変わったと言い、今では素晴らしいスペースダンサーの一人。

Now Chirine Karame come to Japan and we are creating her “Spiritual Journey”. She was one of participants of Space Dance Project when i hold it on 1996 at Beirut, Levanon after the very hard civil war. Since then, she lived a stormy life and she moved to several foreign cities, finally i could meet her again after 20 years. She said to me she could change her life through my Butoh teaching and now she is a very nice Space Dancer.


こども宇宙ダンス/Kids Space Dance


On December 23 2016-January 9, so many kids and their parents come to enjoy a Space Tube at Niigata Kids Creative Center. We could get a record participant, so this center and the people in charge of Nigata-city were very happy.




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