Beril, My Turkish Elena / ベリル、私のターキッシュ・エレナ

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Taken by the young architect Ayse, I went to a small museum in the Sishane district of Istanbul at the morning of October 14. According to Ayse, there is a workshop of industrial designer Asli who is also my friend who is participating in the Design Biennale being held in Istanbul, starting from this museum. There were already about 20 participants in front of the museum. And only one person I found a woman who stood by taking a step from the group. She was so beautiful, so I couldn’t take my eyes off. That was Beril.

I know there are many beautiful women in Istanbul, but her beauty was special for me. Which point she was different from other beautiful girls? When I was watching her from a place a bit far away from her, I noticed that just she was quiet. She was standing quietly with a solitary and with a soft as if she lived in a different world and as if she was a spirit of a forest. I kept watching her for a long time not to noitce me by Beril. And, at the moment she saw me moving slightly, I was supprised again by her beauty and suddenly I thought that this girl is Elena I am looking for, she is Turkish Elena.

Elena is an another name of my first girlfriend when I was a high school student, she died at the age of 23 and I knew her death when I was 40, this event was a big shock to me. And, I believe, since then she has been living in a surplus dimension. Because she is an inhabitant of a surplus dimension, Elena is quiet as long as she shows up in our world. Beril is still quiet because she is Elena and emerges from a surplus dimension. I wonder if 5 or 10 minutes has passed since I thought like this. It was a happy time. And this quiet time was broken by the appearance of a cheerful Asli, who came late.

But, the next happy time that made me ecstatic and my heart flew into the sky came quickly in this museum. I wonder this museum is going to memorize a certain individual? Because it was an exhibit such as many toys, dolls of animal, costumes, furnitures, photographs, videos etc that one humans loved and used from childhood. So, I asked to Asli “Why are there so many memory-related exhibits?” and she answered “Well, I didn’t explain to you before? this is an individual art museum by Orhan Pamuk.” I was very suprised. Nobel Prize Author, Orhan is one of my favorite writers, and has a great influence on what I write. I never knew there was such a museum of Orhan. 

And I was further surprised. Because Beril stood quietly behind Asli with Ayse. “Why?”, I asked to Asli with a low voice and she said “Beril is my beloved apprentice. she is a young industrial designer, she makes things with a paper. today she come as my assistant” I got a big opportunity to talk with Beril. I talked fast with my usual way about Elena’s story and that she resembled Elena, for some reason she looked happy. So, I was happy too, then 
left me to the momentum, I talked about preparing a photographic book that was main character of Elena, and asked to her “But, I need more photos for this book. So, can I catch you?” S
he responded with a small whispering voice saying “It is fine.” Beril looked straight at my face, and she also said Elena’s story was interesting. Oh, exactly “my God!” I was linking with her. In our life, sometimes we need a big courage to try with a voice.

This development was entirely unexpected progress from the time when I first started to see Beril in front of the museum alone. Really, an unexpected encounter. Elena and Orhan Pamuk same time came together to me. Where the hell was I? Yes, my lovely Istanbul! Indeed, Istanbul, a city where several magical evensts will happen.




しかし、私を有頂天にし,私の心を空に飛来させた2度目の幸福な時間が、この美術館の中ですぐにやってきた。この美術館には、或る個人の記憶を辿っているのだろうか、一人の人間が子供の時から愛し使ったと思われるおもちゃ・動物たちの人形・衣装・家具・写真・映像等の展示物で溢れていた。私が「なぜ? こんなに記憶に関する展示が多いの?」と隣に立っていたアスリーに聞くと、「え? 説明してなかったかしら? ここはオルハン・パムクの個人美術館よ」。私は驚いた。ノーベル賞作家・オルハンは私が特別に好きな作家の一人で、私が書くものにも大きな影響を受けている。オルハンにこんな美術館があったとは、まるで知らなかった。


この展開は、私が最初に美術館の前で彼女を一人で見つめていた時間からすれば、まったくもって想定外の進行。本当に、思いがけない出会い。エレナと、オルハン・パムクが、私のもとに一緒にやってきた。私は一体どこにいるのか? 愛するイスタンブールだ。流石、イスタンブール。魔法の出来事が起きる街。

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