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Space Dance Design Workshop / スペースダンス・デザインワークショップ

My Tokyo Space Dance Team could hold a “Space Dance Design Workshop” at the Industrial Department of Istanbul Bulgi University by cooperating with the Performing Arts Department on October 2018. This design class based on the physical experience as Space Dance seems to be fresh for the students as well, so next year we could plan to hold it again with the scale further increased by getting involved in the Architectural Department. 20 years before, when I was a lecturer at Architectural Department of Musashino Arts University in Tokyo, the original form of Space Tube was born. Like that I hope the new designs for the body, the space, and the object will be born through Space Dance Design Workshop.


“VISION of BODY” Press Release / 『身体の夢』プレスリリース

Tetsuro Fukuhara’s “VISION of BODY” was published as English & Polish version by Pompka Foundation at the end of August 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.This book inspires timeless, creative exploration across the borders.This book is a futuristic vision of human being seen from Butoh Space Dance perspective. 

In this book Fukuhara  proposes towards the scientists and the designers to collaborate the research and the development depend on one important point believing that the  Tacit Knowledge hidden in dancer bodies can strongly influence further AI and robotics development.

In connection with the above proposal, Fukuhara will give the lectures entitled “APAROS – AI Robot as My Alter Ego” and “Kids Space Dance as a New Scientific Education“, also he will hold “Space Dance Performance” at Kopernik Science Museum in Warsaw on 27th September 2018.

Anita Zdrojewska, Pompka Foundation President says “I am very pleased to publish this unusual book. I think that what he accomplishes through his dance – New Butoh Space Dance – and what he writes in his book, redefines the concept of this form of art. I hope “Vision of Body” will inspire discussions and broadens our understanding of dance and its place in arts and modern world”.





“APAROS PLAN – AI Robot as My Aleter Ego” / 『APAROS計画-私の分身としてのAIロボット』

My book “VISION of BODY” will be published at the end of August 2018. This plan is one of its memorial events.

Utilizing the experience of participating in “Articulated Joint Robot Project” in collaboration with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA) on 2004-2006, I also added what I have been considering later, as “APAROS Plan – AI Robot as My Alter Ego“, this is scheduled to be presented at Kopernik Science Center in Warsaw,Poland on September 27 2018.

APAROS collects useful information from all over the world as my “Secretarial Robot” on the Net. and supports my movements as a “Robot Suit” in the real world, also when I take off it, it will be working as a “Humanoid” which take action together. After my death, APAROS will take over all my skills and memories to the artificial brain, and regenerate to the surplus dimension world as “New Me” to survive to the end of the universe.

Apart from discussing the feasibility and ethics of APAROS, APAROS will belong to “One of Best Dreams” among the myriad dreams that humans dream of. It is a challenge to see the end of the universe. I have set APAROS Realization as one of my life work.




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