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Design Workshop / デザインワークショップ

「social design 6 / 社会デザイン 6」

The essence of Space Dance is “Recovering Lost Memories” and “Digitization of Tacit Knowledge“. We will hold the following “Design Workshop 1-6” to realize these themes. 

[Design Workshop 1] Object 1
We make several objects which suggest the amicable relationship between the body and the space.

[Design Workshop 2} Object 2
We make the several objects which support a dance with the affordance by space dancers.

[Design Workshop 3] Image of History of Posture’s Evolution
We express the several postures which space dancers realize in Space Tube as “Image of History of Posture’s Evolution, Fish, Amphibia, Quadrupted Animal, Bird, Monkey, and Human”.
[Design Workshop 4] 4 Rooms
We design “4 Rooms, Balance and Postute, Light and Darkness, Real and Virtual, Restoration and Contemplation” to develop the way to exhibit Space Tube.

[Design Workshop 5] New Office for New Genaration 
We develop Space Cube as a compact version of Space Tube, then we design “New Office for New Generation” using by Space Cube.

[Design Workshop 6] Living Room at the Environment of Less-Gravity Condition
We imagine that in the near future the Humans will start the residence on the Moon also on the Mars, then we design “Living Room at the Environment of Less-Gravity Condition” using by the improved Space Tube or the improved Space Cube.

スペースダンスの核心は「記憶の回復」と「身体知の情報化」である。こ の核心を実現するために必要な作業として、以下のデザインワークショップ1-6を実施する。

[デザインワークショップ1] オブジェクト1

[デザインワークショップ2} オブジェクト2

[デザインワークショップ3] 姿勢の進化史映像
[デザインワークショップ4] 4つの部屋

[デザインワークショップ5] 新世代オフィス

[デザインワークショップ6] 減重力環境における居住ルーム

身体発バウハウス / BAUHAUS based on Body

「社会デザイン5 / social design 5」


Our “SPACE MUSEUM”, now we are planing it as “BAUHAUS based on Body”, at this museum we will use both 2 expressions by analog way and by digital way. We think that when the world of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Reality and Automatic Driving Car will be prospered more, like recently Google, Microsoft and so on join this world, the demand for this kind of new type “Harmonized Cultural Institution” with 2 expressions will increase year by year. Because our human can’t change our body as digital existence, so the experience by digital way itself will awaken a storing nostalgia for the body in our mind.

生きることが「仕事」/ Life is Work


[Social Design Study 4]
Satoshi Fukushima. He can’t see, he can’t hear. But he could practice “Braille by Finger” together with his mother, he could exploit a new way for the communication, then he could get a professor at the university. He wrote like that “life itself will be most important work in complete disregard of the disabled person or not, the ability, the character, and the estate” on his book. He is a very special person to develop an original study for the disability from the view point of “Existence itself will be Meaning“.



<1> 「<立つ>と<坐る>の間で、また<坐る>と<寝る>の間で可能になる多様な姿勢」をサポートできること。
<2> アパロス体験により「懐かしさの感覚」がつよく喚起されること。
<3> 「懐かしさの感覚」を入り口にして、その人に必要な「記憶回復」に役立つこと。
<4> 一部の記憶については「映像」としてスクリーンで見ることができ、いつでも再現できるようにデジタル情報としてストックできること。
<5> 「アパロスの形状」はいまだ誰も見たことがない不思議なもので、美しく、しかし威圧的ではなく、親しみやすいこと。

果たしてこんな新しい家具をつくれるだろうか? つくってみたい。

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