“Space Dance in the Tube” + “Space Dance School” + “Social Design”
+ “Advanced Design” + “Space Tube Marketing” + “Research & Publishing”




We are planning to open “Space Museum” with the contents of “Space Dance in the Tube” + “Space Dance School” + “Social Design” + “Advanced Design” + “Space Tube Marketing” + “Research & Publishing“.

We hold “Space Dance in the Tube” and “Space Dance School” as the permanent programs. And, we develop “Social Design” and “Advanced Design”. Also, we popularize Space Tube to the museum, to the school, to the office, and to the house. Also, we research today’s important and interesting projects, and we will publish the documents and books. Through these activities we educate the new talented people who will work for developing new social system for a new era of our world and for the universe.



When we re-understand a “Dance” as a “Creating Postures” we can cultivate several new jobs in our society. “Dance” is not so popular for the general public but “Creating Postures” is very popular for them, because everybody, every day, every moment, they are trying to do “Creating Postures” by unconsciously to get the comfortable body’s conditions in their daily life.

So, even if they don’t want to study “Dance” so much, but they want to study how to get the good way for making “Creating Postures”. In this meaning the dancers can help them, because basically the dancers are the experts for “Creating Postures”. So, the dancers, if they want, they can find a new world to connect with them. 

Depend on this concept of “Creating Postures”, we will open “SPACE MUSEUM” in the world to show a new step.



In the era of our information society, if we leave it, we easily forget that we are “physical presence“. We open “SPACE MUSEUM” based on the feeling as “the humans live as being existence with a body” in order to rethink the necessary themes to live better and build a new method for it.

Our wish for knowledge and creation has created art and design, and pursued science and technology, then we could develop our human’s society. So, what makes a wish for knowledge and creation?

Into the “Mysterious Microcosm” created by a piece of special cloth called Space Tube, we can make a floating easy. And we can experience the condition of pseudo-zero gravity and the soft cloth of Space Tube wrapping our body brakes our body balance, but soon it supports us gently. Also, since the shape of the space is decided by how we move into Space Tube, we can get a very nice “Nostalgic Feeling” as if we return back to the mother’s womb. Also, inside of Space Tube we can see a very “Beautiful Space Formation” which we have never seen before.

Such the experiences of pseudo-zero gravity and an unexpected space wake up our primitive feeling and awareness, and give us a new recognition about our body and environment. The moment when a new door of the recognition is opened is “Time of New Discovery” and it is also the moment when “Wish for Knowledge and Creation” is born.



Exhibition  [Thursday-Sunday]  10:00-20:00
Gallery  [Thursday-Sunday]  10:00-20:00
Workshop  [Thursday-Sunday]  13:00-15:00
Performance  [Friday-Sunday]  18:00-20:00
Talk Show  [Sunday]  15:00-17:00

“SPACE DANCE in the TUBE” in the world
Exchange Program
Space Tube Maketing
Research& Publsihing


We hold “SPACE DANCE in the TUBE” as a permanent program and we will construct 4 Rooms named “BALANCE and POSTURE“, “LIGHT and DARKNESS“, “REAL and VIRTUAL“, and “MEDITATION and RESTORATION“. 


We open “SPACE DANCE SCHOOL” with “BUTOH-SPACE DANCE + DESIGN after DANCE + SPIRITUAL JOURNEY“. Through this school we educate International Space Dancers.


We practice Social Design as “EDUCATION, for the kids”, “HEALTH, for the general public”, “WELFARE, for the elderly people and handicapped people”, “ART & SCIENCE, for the creation”, “ENVIRONMENT, for restoring earth culture”, and “UNIVERSE, for developing universal culture”.


We express “Tacit Knowledge” which  we can get it through Space Tube Experience as the information and create “Body-Space Model” as program. Then, using by this program, we express “History of Posture’s Evolution“, and develop “BODY of FUTURE” & “SPACE DESIGN“.


We sell Space Tube to museums, science museums, universities, kids schools and others. We know one today’s fact that many old unnecessary tools are sleeping at storehouse of the gymnasium in the museums and others in the world, so we will try to change it with Space Tube as a new tool.


■Budget Plan for One Year

●Incomings 77,100,000 yen

①Entrance Fee(250 people/day × 500 yen × 25 days/one month × 12 months) 37,500,000 yen ②Space Tube Marketing(400,000 yen/one space tube  × 2/one month ×12 months) 9,600,000 yen ③”Space Dance in the Tube”(1,000,000 yen/one event × 2 events/one month × 12 months) 24,000,000 yen ④Tuition Fee from Space Dance School(100,000 yen/one year × 20 students/one class × 3 classes)6,000,000 yen

●Outgoings 66,400,000 yen

①Management Expenses for a Space 2,400,000 yen ②Production and R & D Costs 20,000,000 yen ③Operation Costs of Space Dance School 8,000,000 yen ④Production Costs for Exchange Program 4,000,000 yen ⑤Labor Costs for 5 Full-Timers 18,000,000 yen ⑥Labor Costs for Part-Times and Guest Lecturers 10,000,000 yen ⑦Office Expenses and Costs for Publicity and Publishing 4,000,000 yen

●Profit 10,700,000 yen


■Organization by “TEAM A & B & C”

○Producer  ○Curator ○Arts Producer  ○Science Producer  ○Internet Producer  
○Arts Manager  ○Space Tube Marketer  ○Educator  ○Publisher  ○TV Producer  ○Journalist

 ○Designer  ○Industrial Designer  ○Architect  ○Brain Scientist  ○Life Scientist  
○Robot Developer  ○Media Designer  ○Media Artist  ○Programmer  ○Composer  
○Researcher ○University ○Institution ○Company  ○Foundation  ○Government

○Butoh-Space Dance Choreographer

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