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Art & Social Design Plan


We are finding the collaborators who will produce our “Art & Social Design Plan, SPACE DANCE in the TUBE 7 DAYS PROGRAM” as “Exhibition + Kids Space Dance + Space Dance Workshop & Performance + Photo Gallery” at some museum, science museum, experimental theater, festival, and so on in the world.

On 2013-2017 at several museums, science museums and others in the world we could hold this project, and 320,000 people joined this project to enjoy Space Tube Experience and Space Dance Performance. We would like to develop this possibility more. If you are interested in this project please contact with us.

Tetsuro Fukuhara & Tokyo Space Dance; jv4t-fkhr@asahi-net.or.jp
Mine Soyler


[contents, 7 days program]
“Exhibition” 10:00-13:00 / 14:30-17:30 every day
Everyone can come into a Space Tube and enjoy a Space Tube Experience. We construct 4 rooms named “Posture and Balance”, “Light and Darkness”, “Real and Virtual”, and “Thought and Healing” by a Space Tube.
“Kids Space Dance” 13:00-14:30 every day
We hold KIds Space Dance with simple choreography by “walking + entrustment + balance + strain to hear + floating” as a workshop. And, at last day, as its fruits we hold Kids Space Dance Performance.
“Space Dance Workshop & Performance” 17:30-20:00 every day
We hold Space Dance Workshop for the professional dancers and artists, then, at last day, as its result we hold Space Dance Performance together with the workshop participants and guest space dancers.
“Photo Gallery” 10:00-20:00 every day
We hold Photo Gallery with 100 photos from our last exhibitions and performances in the world.

[more information]
“SPACE DANCE in the TUBE”; http://sd-museum.com/sd-t/
“SPACE DANCE SCHOOL”; http://sd-museum.com/sd-s/
[past records]
[Kids Space Dance]
[Space Dance Workshop & Performance]
[Space Dance in the Robotic Universe]
[Tetsuro Fukuhara & Tokyo Space Dance]

Tetsuro Fukuhara is CEO of Space Museum Corp. And Director of Tokyo Space Dance,  choreographer, writer, and photographer. 2004-2006 he began a study in tokyo with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA). 2006, “Space Dance in the Robotic Universe” was one of twenty performances short-listed by an international jury for the Unesco Digital Arts award. 2008. he published a book “Space Dance” by Shunjusha Publishing Company in Tokyo. From 2009, he hold “Space Dance in the Tube” in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, South-Middle-North America, and in Japan. 2013-2017, at Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center, Nagoya Dome, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, LaNaNa, Eskisehir Science Center, Cer Modern Museum, Baza Theatre, Theatre Institute, SESC Museum, and Niigata Creative Center he hold “Space Dance in the Tube”, 320,000 audiences come to this project and enjoyed a Space Tube and Space Dance Performance.

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