The essence of Space Dance is “Recovering Lost Memories” and “Digitization of Tacit Knowledge“. We will hold the following “DESIGN WORKSHOP 1-10” to realize these themes.

[Preparation] Space Dance with the Affordance

As the preparation of “DESIGN WORKSHOP”, we study Space Dance with the Affordance. in Space Dance the environment supports our dance. We don’t want to make our dance by ourselves. We develop our dance through the amicable relationship between our body and the space.

[Design Workshop 1] Object 1

We make several objects which suggest the amicable relationship between the body and the space.

[Design Workshop 2} Object 2

We make the several objects which support to develop Space Dance with the affordance.

[Design Workshop 3] 4 Rooms

We design “4 Rooms, Balance and Postute, Light and Darkness, Real and Virtual, Restoration and Contemplation” to exhibit Space Tube with the enough condition.

[Design Workshop 4] Social Design 1 – Education
“Kids Space Dance as a New Scientific Education”

Through “Space Tube Experience” with 7 themes “Walking Dance + Entrusting + Making Balance + Straining Ears in the Darkness + Feeling Transmission Sense in the Light + Overlapping Real Body on the Body of Image + Floating” the kids can get a “Scientific Sence” which they need for their life in our infomation society.

[Design Workshop 5] Social Design 2 – Health

Through “Space Tube Experience” we can get the amicable relationship between the sole of the foot and the ground, then we can make soft the ankle, the knee, and the waist easy. By this effort we can find our own way to develop the health.

[Design Workshop 6] Social Design 3 – Welfare

Through “Space Tube Experience” we can realize the rehabilitation for the elderly people, the discovery of the own feeling, and the recovery of the confidence for the handicapped people. In Space Tube, some handicapped people will be able to awaken their favorite sensation, and some elderly people will be able to express their depth of feeling and keep their nice styles by showing its essence.

[Design Workshop 7] Social Design 4 – Art & Science
“Visualization of History of Posture’s Evolution”

In Space Tube everybody will be an artist or a scientist. Because we can develop a sense to a beauty, also we can develop our interests to a space. In Space Tube we get back a nostalgic feeling as if we return back to mother’s womb and we look back our last life including a history as the animal. So, we try to express the several postures as “Visualization of History of Posture’s Evolution, Fish, Amphibia, Quadrupted Animal, Bird, Monkey, and Human“.

[Design Workshop 8] Social Design 5 – Environment
“New Office for New Genaration”

Through “Space Tube Experience” we can study one important thought such as “Body exist always together with Environment as one unity, we can’t treat Body without Environment”. Based on this thought we create several new designs for our life including furnitures, living rooms, offices, cityscapes, and unversal space design. So, we develop Space Cube as a compact version of Space Tube, then we design “New Office for New Generation” using by Space Cube.

[Design Workshop 9] Social Design 6 – Universe
“Living Room at the Environment of Less-Gravity Condition”

Through “Space Tube Experience” we can get a new imaginative power about several interesting questions like that; At non-gravity condition in the universe we don’t need walking, so after a while a foot will be changed as a hand, then new people with 4 hands will be appeared? All civilizations based on the earth will be not useful in the universe? What kind of relation will happen between the children from the earth and the children who was born in the universe. They start to make a war? What kind of Space Development we need to avoid to happen these serious problems?  As one of its ways, we imagine the suitable residence space on the Moon also on the Mars, then we design “Living Room at the Environment of Less-Gravity Condition” using by the improved Space Tube and Space Cube.

[Design Workshop 10] Advanced Design
“APAROS – AI Robot as My Aleter Ego”

Through “Space Tube Experience” we can express the amicable relationship between the body and the space as “Tacit Knowledge” with the visible information creating by “Body-Space Model” as the program. Then using by this program we can create several ADVANCED DEIGN. As one of its designs, we design “APAROS – AI Robot as My Aleter Ego“.

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