Education, Health, Welfare, Art & Science, Environment, and Universe



In our present society when we wish a comfortable life we can get the happiness with the several technologies. But, on the other side, we are wondering, for example, when we trust and use the internet, mobile phone, and several IT techonologies too much for our communication, we will lost the receptivity in order to create an art and read human minds. And, we will lost the kinetic sensation for our life as the animal basically by the lack of the physical experience and the distortion of the body with the bad postures.

But, so, through Space Tube Experience, we will support totally “Education for the children, Health development for the general public, Welfare by rehabilitation for the elderly people, by the discovery of the own feeling, and by the recovery of the confidence for the handicapped people, the creation of Art and Science, the consideration for Environment, and the imagination for Universe” as “SOCIAL DESIGN“.

■”Education”, new scientific sense!

Space Tube Experience” is a nice educational chance for the kids. Sure, if the kids start to enjoy Space Tube from young age they can stimulate their bodies directly and keep the original physical sensations, and they can judge the difference of the real and the virtual. Then, they can develop several sensitive senses about their interests and abilities for their life.

■”Health”, new way for developing our health!

“Space Tube Experience” is useful to get the amicable relationship between the sole of the foot and the ground, then we can make soft the ankle, the knee, and the waist easy. These 3 parts of our body will be most important to keep the health. Through this effort we feel the condition of our whole body, and we know the distortion of the body with a bad posture, also we recognize the other parts with a tendency to go wrong. We don’t need the useless muscular and useless medicine, we just need only physical power that make possible for the movements as we want to do. In this point we can build up our own way to develop the health with our egnough power.

■”Welfare”, favorite sensation with confidence!

“Space Tube Experience” is useful for the people who have some handicapped condition. For example, we know that one woman who lost a sight could do a floating very easy in Space Tube, but our non-handicapped person can’t do it. She could develop a new ability that we didn’t have it. Like that some handicapped people will be able to awaken their favorite sensation and begin to feel confident by discovering their unconscious ability. Also, the elderly people who have the wisdom and the stock of the memory in their long life will be able to express their depth of feeling and keep their nice styles by showing its essence in Space Tube.

■”Art & Science”, everybody artist in Space Tube!

In Space Tube everybody will be a dancer by naturaly and people will be an artist or a scientist. Because we can develop a sense to a beauty, also we can develop our interests to a space. In Space Tube we get back a nostalgic feeling as if we return back to mother’s womb and we look back our last life including a history as the animal. Also, we get a sixth sense about a surplus dimension. So, if we develop our awarenesses over a large area, we can change our works like an artist or a scientist from the inside with several interesting discoveries.

■”Environment”, design for our life!

Through “Space Tube Experience” we can study one important thought such as “Body exist always together with Environment as one unity, we can’t treat Body without Environment”. Everybody know our one of big themes in 21st century is the age for the consideration to Environment. Through an approach based on this thought we can create several new designs for our life including furnitures, living rooms, offices, cityscapes, and unversal space design.

■”Universe”, imaginative power for the universe!

Through “Space Tube Experience” we can get a new imaginative power about several interesting questions like that; At non-gravity condition in the universe we don’t need walking, so after a while a foot will be changed as a hand, then new people with 4 hands will be appeared? All civilizations based on the earth will be not useful in the universe? What kind of relation will happen between the children from the earth and the children who was born in the universe. They start to make a war? What kind of Space Development we need to avoid to happen these serious problems?


■Development of a New Scientific Sense

we can recover our kinetic sensation!  we can develop our ability to judge the difference between the real image and the virtual image to combine its two images correctly!  we can get a new idea for developing our health!


Now in Japan, children sometimes kill people very easy. Because they can not feel the life as the important matter. In children’s world the virtual reality is in progress, so they lose the sense of reality. Some children tried to make sure its weight of the life by the murder with the blood.

Also in adult’s world too, for example like the War in Afghanistan and in Iraq, the American soldiers kill the opponents very easy by the high-tech fighters on the screen. For them the murder is like one of the games. The virtual reality is in progress still more, so the value of the life will be light.

Also it is a tendency of our times, our 21st century will be realized as a robotic society soon. In that time, one of the objects of our dreams will be realized as a robot, several robots will appear on the stage of our daily life, one is as the supporting robots for household matters, elderly care, medical treatment and communication, other is as the rescue robots at the dangerous zone or soldier robots at the battlefield. So, in the near future, we should imagine that sometimes children will commit a more sad crime using by these robots, and adult will expand the murder like a dream using by soldier robots.

Therefore, our earnest needed theme for children and adult is how to develop a new “Scientific Sense as a Wisdom for 21st Century” as a new ability to judge the difference between the real and the virtual, as a link in the chain of the education for learning a literate for the science. For this theme the physical sensations that assure the reality is our last foot-hold and our first start point as a way.

So, just we need, the recovery of the physical sensations, and the recognition of ourselves as a real existence with the body. Moreover, the needed education is not a selection about the real or the virtual, at first it is a judgment about its difference, then most important education is a development of the ability to produce its compound according to our necessity. We think that this point is very important for the new scientific education for children.

Because we think that essential points for new scientific education from now are not only the arouse of the new interests about the science, but also the consideration for the science to create a social design as a social technology with the unity. In this meanings, when we think about the dangerous double-edged dispositions of the information society and the robotic society, firstly the developing children’s physical sensations is very important, it is very timely. If children keep the physical sensations with their body, they can understand by themselves about its dangerous points of the robot and the virtual reality.

Indeed, from now we should build up our society as a hearted society with enough considerations based on the body, and only the scientific conception with plenty physical sensations have a possibility to bear the creations of the next science. Through “Space Dance Experience” children can develop its first experience and a wisdom of a new scientific sense.

Same time, not only for children’s world but also for adult’s world, general public, elderly people, handicapped people, in the society of welfare, nursing-care, and medical treatment, almost people are very anxious about their body. This is one of the characteristic illness of our age, then the recovery of the care about the body will be demanded as an almost social desire. In that case, we think that we need the new programs for getting our own characteristic walking and rehabilitations for the health, instead of the same programs for everybody.

For these demands “Space Dance Experience” make an offer to us the several new ideas for developing our health based on our individualities in our personal life, by the experiences for recovering the physical sensations. Then, we can cultivate new ideas for keeping health by ourselves.


■Space Tube Experience – What is the Information?

In Space Tube, we can develop our ability to judge the difference between the real image and the virtual image!


Still more, the participants can touch their images from inside in Space Tube which are projected by a video camera. When they try to overlap their right hands on right hands, their left hands on left hands, and continue to overlap inside themselves on outside themslves as an image, soon they can get the feeling like the boder between inside and outside by Space Tube will be disappeared, then at last they can get one feeling like they will be absorbed toward outside.

Its experience is like an experience for the cure, its feeling for the expansion is like a feeling when people come and go between this world and a next world. We think that, it is one of the earnest feelings for a modern who would like to get it.

And these scenes are very strange for the visitors too who watch it from outside. At first the visitors watch the participant as the shadows at the right side of Space Tube shining by a strong spot-light. Secondly when the pariticipants was projected at the left side of Space Tube by the video camera, the visitors watch the left side against their will, even if they know right side participants are real person.

This is a mischief by the our brain. Because for our brain the important thing is only one, its amount of the information, not its quality. The brain don’t need the distinction between the real and the virtual. If one image keeps a large amount of the information than other image, this is real for the brain.

Today’s video camera keeps a big quality of its information, so it is able to catch the participants with high accuracy more than our eyes. So, without any hesitations the brain watch the participants at the left side. Then, suddenly, the visitors fall in the separation with the consciousness. Because the visitor’s consciousness watch the participants at the right side persistently, as a real. Therefore, at last when the participants overlap inside themselves on outside themselves, the visitors make a shout with the surprise.

Like that, the visitors face the scene with the split between the brain’s judgement and the judgement by the consciousness. they can learn that the brain’s judgement is not wrong, it is one true, so at first they know they need to judge the difference between the real and the virtual, then they can develop their ability to combine its two images correctly.

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