Kumi Kawasaki, curator of Kawaguchi Arts Gallery in Japan

“Everyday 300 visitors come to our museum to experience Space Tube. It was a wonderful spectacle. Many children got into Space Tube, and come out, then soon stood in line in front of Space Tube with quick running. And they come into Space Tube over and over. Before I never saw this kind of amzing scene about children’s condition with big excitement. I felt Space Tube keeps some magical effects.”


We invite the kids and their parents and we hold “KIDS SPACE DANCE WORKSHOP & PERFORMANCE” with 7 themes of “Waking Dance“, “Entrusting“, “Making Balance“, “Straining Ears in the Darkness“, “Feeling Transmission Sense in the Light“, “Overlapping Real Body on the Body of Image“, and “Floating“. Then, “Kids Space Dance Performance” as a final. We hold this project  for Science Museum, Museum, and Primary School as the Extracurricular Lesson, as the “New Scientific Education“.


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We will develop this project as “KIDS SPACE DANCE as a New Scientific Edecation“, because we think that today’s kids need a “Scientific Sense” in our information society. Through Space Tube Experience the kids can get back the physical sensation, so we help to solve “the social problem of the loss of physicality in information society“. Also, the kids can learn about “the distinction between Real and Virtual” which becomes difficult to understand for anyone where the virtualization by the technology such as Augumented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics rapidly progresses. Like that, the kids can study the importance of Real at first, secondly they can recognize the value of Virtual, at last, with the value of Real & Virtural, they can cultivate a new “Scientific Sense” necessary for the living.

■4 Types

Through our long experiences we know that the kids’s Space Tube Experiences are roughly divided into 4 types such as “I like Movement“, “I am concerned about Structure“, “I am interested in Beautiful Space Shape inside”, and “I am sensitive to Sounds and Smells“. But, if our adults don’t press its tendency to them under the compulsion and we watch  over them fondly, we can develop their “New Individuality” based on the physicality and we can help them to develop the new talents who will be responsible for the new era.

Also, we believe that if the kids start to enjoy Space Tube Experience and if they master “KIDS SPACE DANCE” from young time, sure they can get the several new talented abilities more exactly.

■7 Themes

[Walking Dance]

Trough “Waling Dance” in Space Tube the kids can get bck the amicable relationship between the sole of the foot and the ground, also they can make soft the ankle, the knee, and the waist easy. Then, through these experiences they can control their whole body and they can raise the body as a “Senstive Antenna” with the various senses.
Waling Dance / ウォーキングダンス“を通じて子供たちは自分の足裏と空間の親和的関係を獲得回復でき、足首・ひざ・腰を柔らかくできる。それにより子供たちは身体全体を柔軟にし、自分の身体を多様な感覚を備えた”敏感なアンテナ“として高めることができる。


Trough “Entrusting” in Space Tube the kids can change Space Tube as their “Second Body“, also they can experience the bodily sensation such as the touch feeling of the cloth, the condition of the tension, and the intensity of the rope. Then, through these feelings  they can feel the extended sense of consciousness as if they became a Space Tube.

Entrusting / 委ねる“を通じて子供たちはスペースチューブを自分の”第2の身体“にすることができ、スペースチューブの布の感触・張り具合・ロープの強度などを体感できる。それにより子供たちは自分がスペースチューブになったような意識の拡張感覚を体感できる。

[Making Balance]

Trough “Making Balance” in Space Tube the kids can make an unity with Space Tube, also they can experience “New Balance”. Then, through these experiences they can try to do such as the jump, the stop in an oblique posture, the falling and so on.

Making Balance / バランスをつくる“を通じて子供たちはスペースチューブと一体になり、身体の新しいバランス感覚を体験できる。それにより子供たちはそれまでは出来なかった跳躍・斜めの姿勢での停止・落下などの運動に挑戦できる。

[Straining Ears in the Darkness]

Trough “Straining Ears in the Darkness” in Space Tube the kids’s senses are sharpened, then they can hear a sound that they could not hear before and they can sense a smell that they could not sense before. Then, trough these experiences they can experience the signs that the surplus dimension world coexists inside space tube. (We use the darkness, a delicate sound, and a delicate smell.)

Straining Ears in the Darkness / 暗闇の中で耳を澄ます“を通じて子供たちの感覚は研ぎ澄まされ、それまで聴こえなかったが聴こえたり、それまでしなかった匂いが感覚できる。それにより子供たちはスペースチューブの内部に異次元世界が共存しているかのような気配を体感できる。(闇・微細な音・微細な匂いを使用)

[Feeling Transmission Sense in the Light]

Trough “Feeling Transmission Sense in the Light” in Space Tube the kids can feel like the boundary between the inside and the outside of the space tube disappears and they can experience the feeling that their bodies melt out to the outside. Through these experiences they can eliminate the fear of death and experience the freedom to space. (We use “overflowing light”.)

Feeling Transmission Sense in the Light / 光の中で身体が溶け出す感覚を味わう“を通じて子供たちはスペースチューブの内部と外部の境界が無くなるように感じ、自分の身体が外部に溶け出していくような感覚を体感できる。それにより子供たちは死への恐怖を取り除き、空間に対する自由を体感できる。(溢れる光を使用)

[Overlapping Real Body on the Body of Image]

Trough “Overlapping Real Body on the Body of Image” in Space Tube the kids can learn about the difference between real and image with their bodies. Then, through these experiences they can study that new creation will be possible with a combination of real and image. (We use a video camera and a projector.)

Overlapping Real Body on the Body of Image / リアルな身体をイメージの身体に重ねる“を通じて子供たちはリアルとイメージの差について身をもって学ぶことができる。それにより子供たちはリアルとイメージの組み合わせで新しい創造が可能になることを学習できる。(ビデオカメラ・プロジェクターを使用)


Trough “Floating” in Space Tube the kids can experience the pseudo zero gravity between zero-gravity and one-gravity and they can form several unknown postures. Then, though these experiences they can recognize that they are “existence with weight” that they grew up in one-gravity global environment and can imagine themselves when they advance into the space environment in the future.

Floating / 浮遊する“を通じて子供たちはゼロ重力と1重力の間の疑似的無重力を体験でき、未知の姿勢を形成できる。それにより子供たちは自分が1重力の地球環境で育った「体重をもつ存在」である事を認識し、将来宇宙環境に進出した時の自分の姿を想像できる。

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