“Exhibition + Kids Space Dance + Butoh-Space Dance Workshop & Performance + Photo Gallery”


◆From 2009 we had hold “Space Dance in the Tube” in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, South-Middle-North America, and in Japan. 2009-2018 at Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center, Nagoya Dome, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Eskisehir Science Center, SESC Museum, CER Modern Museum and other many museums we had hold it, 320,000 people come to enjoy Space Tube Experience and Space Dance Performance.

[Kids Space Dance Promotion Video]



◎Yuichi Takayanagi Director of Tama-Rokuto Science Center, Ex-Commentator of NHK TV

          “GPS, meteorological satellite, broadcasting satellite · · ·. For us who live in the ocean of countless information, opportunities to conscious of the workings of sensibility directly knowing the environment in the body are rapidly decreasing, and opportunities to feel conscious of the work of sensitivity to human beings becomes precious as much There. The experience of self-awareness of the world with Space Tube and the attempt to express it through the whole body must be an adventure to revive the sensitivity that is buried under consciousness and to know the new world that can be shared by the group. I would like to encourage many of you to experience Space Tube.”



“Space Dance in the Tube, Exhibition + Kids Space Dance + Butoh-Space Dance Workshop & Performance + Photo Gallery” is a new communication with our whole body. We think that this project is very useful as “Social Design” with 6 themes of Education, Health, Welfare, Art & Science, Environment, and Universe. Its purpose is the getting an awareness about the body, particularly the familiar relationship between the body and the space. This awareness with its enough reality is essential for the daily life in our information society.


Now we are planning to hold “Space Dance in the Tube” in the world for the general public, children, student, office worker, housewife, elderly people, handicapped people at museums, science museums, theatres, libraries, universities, schools, welfare facilities.


– Development of a New Scientific Sense –

Now we have a serious crisis that threaten our existence. In our continuous search for convenience and comfort in today’s information society, we began to lose our sense of raw reality, our kinetic sense, and our physical sensations. As one characteristic phenomenon, we have a difficult social condition where we can’t judge the difference exactly between the real image and the virtual image.

Then, for children and adult, “Space Dance in the Tube” stimulate their bodies directly, and they can recognize themselves as the real existence with the body and awaken the original plentiful physical sensations as the humans. Soon they can develop New Scientific Sense


◎United Nations 
Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for LRA-Affected Areas in UGANDA

          “Space Dance in the Tube is an important and unique project. Not only is it interesting from the creative point of view giving Uganda artists an opportunity to enhance their contemporary dance skills to better compete internationally, but it is also a useful tool for working in areas formerly revaged by conflict. Space Dance could be a constructive technique working with rehabilitating children associated with armed conflict and vulnerable youths orphaned by war”.




[1] Exhibition


We organize 4 Rooms as “Posture and Balance”, “Light and Darkness”, and “Real and Virtual”, and “Speculation and Restoration” by Space Tube. Everybody can experience these 4 rooms and enjoy Space Tube Experience.

[2] Kids Space Dance


We invite the children and their parents, and we hold a workshop with 7 themes of “Walking, Entrusting, Making Balance, Straining Ears in the Darkness, Feeling Transmission Sense in the Light, Overlapping Real Body on the Body of Image, Floating“, then we organize “Kids Space Dance Performance” as its results.

[3] Butoh-Space Dance Workshop


We hold “Butoh-Space Dance Workshop” with 6 themes of “Body Foundation + Affordance + Beginning + Development + Change + Ending” for dancers and artists.

[4] Butoh-Space Dance Performance


As the results of “Butoh-Space Dance Workshop“, we organize “Butoh-Space Dance Performance” with 12 chapters of “Memory + Walking Dance + Paradise + Open a body in the Sky + Dimension + Strange Fruit + Fluid Furniture + Affinity + Standing Zen + Walking Dance 2 + Catharsis + Flower Secret” using by an image of “History of Posture’s Evolution” as one artistic example how to use the Space Tube.

[5] Photo Gallery


We exhibit “Photo Gallery“ with selected photos from the last space tube experience recorded by Tokyo Space Dance in Japan and overseas.

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