[Explanation of Space Tube]

Space Tube could debut at the United Nations in New York on April 2001, and it could debut through a study with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on 2004-2006 in Japan too. Space Tube is a “Soft Space” using by a special cloth, everybody can experience “Condition like a Non-Gravity” and a “New Balance” in a Space Tube. Also Space Tube can attract a person’s attention in the field of Art and Design as a “Boundary Object, an object which stands on the border“, and it has a “Magic to make a Smile” with every body.

[Without the Weight Limit]

We don’t need the weight limit. Space Tube will be setting up using by 11 ropes in the condition of 50 cm-1 m height in the air and when the person who have 60 kg weight come into Space Tube, in that time Space Tube touch the ground. So,  if the person who have over 60 kg weight Space Tube will be no problem and the participant will be in safety.

[Size of Space Tube]

The regular size of Space Tube is “10 meters length and 1.4 meters height”.

[Size of Space for setting Space Tube]

Minimum needed size of Space for setting Space Tube is “12 meters length and 3 meters height and 3 meters width”. More big size will be better, because its view of Space with Space Tube will be more beautiful as mysterious space.

[Needed Points to fix the Ropes]

Like the bellow on this drawing, for setting Space Tube, we need “5 points, 1-5” near the ceiling to go through the ropes towards the floor, and “7 points, 6-12” on the floor to fix the ropes. Depend on the condition of the floor, for these “7 points” we need 7 anchors. For “11 & 12” we can use the weights instead of the anchors.


But, like the below on this photo, if we can use this kind of spaces where we can find many points easy to fix the ropes, we don’t need any anchors and weights.

IMG_6055 のコピー


We need the mat under Space Tube to keep the safety for the participants.


We need a credit “Space Tube by Tetsuro Fukuhara @ Tokyo Space Dance” at a Space.


The effective direction for Space Tube, we need 6-8 spotlights, 2-4 black lights from the behind of Space Tube on the floor, and one hi quality projector & video camera. In that time we can organize a very beautiful scene not only for the participants but also the audiences.



[Sound System]

We need a sound system & windows PC for the music.

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