■What is Space Tube?


Space Tube has been estimated as a Boundary Object. Boundary Object, this means an object which exists on the bound. Both children and adult, both general people and a specialist, both a person who belongs to scientific fields and a person who belongs to artistic fields, they can feel same interests towards Space Tube with common sense.

Space Tube will be consisted by cloth, 1.4 meters height, 10 meters long. We hang Space Tube in the air, about 1 or 2 meters height from the floor using by 6 ropes. For this exhibition and workshop we need the space, about 12 meters wide, 12 meters length, 5-7 meters height, like a gymnasium, or like a big stage, or like a gallery space.


■Space Tube Experience, What is the Posture?


Space Tube is not only a space to take a balance away from the participants, but also to give a beloved feeling to them, because always their movements decide the shape of Space Tube. We can’t find this kind of experience in our modern architectural society any more.

In Space Tube, at first everybody lose a posture soft, secondly they try to get back it desperately. Its ways how to get back a posture are very different for them, so its experiences are very interesting and funny not only for them but also for visitors.

In short, the person who throw out his body naturally and make one unity with Space Tube as a given environment is expert. In that time Space Tube also support them using by the storong repulsions from the bottom and the sides with flexibility.

The participants, slowly, go ahead in the space tempted a beloved feeling and be able to try to make the several fluid postures like a fish, like a space walk, like a fetus, and like a unknown animal based on the basic postures of standing, sitting and lying as a human, and enjoy it heartily with something sweet memories.

Like that, the participants be able to learn two facts, one is that always we need the support from the space to keep our postures, other is that always we need to keep our characteristic postures for keeping our personalities.

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