Chapter 4

[Chapter 4] ”New Thought”

The construction of a new world begins based on a thought called “Body is one with the Environment.”

1 We are asking to get “New Thought”


Temple Grandin is a first professor at the university in U.S.A as an autistic person. She made called “Constricted Machine” by woods when she was a high-school student, then she could get a release from a pain of body’s shaking of autism by this machine. She appeals the dominant value about her favorite “Visual Thinking” than “Language-based Thinking”, and she suggests we can create a new design using by “Visual Thinking”. During the time somebody is speaking she can hear it as “Image”. She can see one object not only from the front but also from the side and the upper same time. Also, she can understand the state of minds of cows and dogs well. Temple could develop the ability of the brain towards another direction from a non-handicapped person, and she could express its condition that we can understand it easy. In this meaning, on this book, she is one of first-runners who carry “New Thought” which are seeking in our world.


With our society is developing at an accelerated pace as a society of Information, Genome Editing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, also with the Space Age is gradually coming up, several new unknown themes will appear in front of us. Now, a Theme of Virtual Reality that changes the reality in information society, a Theme of Enhancement in medical world, a Theme of Body-Brain in space environment are appearing as the themes that cannot be avoided and passed by. We should recognize that the existing ways will be not useful to solve these themes, or if it will be useful we need the big revisions. I think, for these themes, we need “New Thought” with the combination by Theory about Body, Theory about Technology, Theory about Humans, and Cosmology.


 On the existed thoughts, such as Science Technology and Design that could lead Social Technology, they had a tendency to think that people can deal with the Body singly without the Environment. But, always the Body exists together with the Environment, so we can’t call it as Body that is separated from the Environment. Its contradictions are becoming clear as a problem that the astronaut’s body and brain will become worse in the universe. Also, with too much caution towards the Virtual World and Artificial Body we could know that same kind of contradictions exist in the process to verify the problems of Information Society and Elderly Society.

So, in this meaning our needed “New Thought” should be a thought that we think the Body together with the Environment as one unity, we can’t find the Body independently without the Environment. The relation between the Body and the Environment is dynamic and amicable more than our usual recognitions.


I could present this “New Thought” as the thoughts having the following four features as a research representative with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA from 2004 to 2006 in Tokyo, Japan.

<1> Environment

“New Thought” teach us that the Body exists always supported by the Space and the Things, and the Body can’t exist independently without the Environment.

<2> Memory

“New Thought” teach us that we can get this thought by the characteristic body’s movements and these movements will awake up “Tacit Knowledge”. Then, this thought teach us that human’s movements involve the memories in far-off days when the humans were the animals.

<3> Design

“New Thought” teach us that the humans can develop “Body Expansion” according to that we adapt to the things. And, how to decide the adaptation? Its way is a behavior named Design. Also, the humans can realize many designs depend on the numbers of our awareness.

<4> Technology

“New Thought” teach us that our today’s human’s dream and desire will decide our future and the way how to use the technology should decide a direction of the human’s evolution.

2 For Universal Environment


On December 2015 Elon Musk, a delegate of venture business Space X for developing the universe said “I would like to reach the Mars. My dream is to die there.” His emotion about the universe is very strong, it is supported by a strong will that can overcome any kind of obstacles. But, the humans should take several serious damages to the body and the brain in the universal environment. So, even if we can reach the Mars it will be not sure we can make our enough activities or not as the humans based on today’s technical level of space development.


 From my view point as a Butoh-Space Dance Choreographer, the greatest result of the space development until today is finding a “Chance to organize a Gravity” by the creation of artificial gravity through several astronauts experiences that could realize the experiences of non-gravity environment in the space walk and at a spaceship, also they could experience 1/6 gravity on the Moon. Edwin Aldrin, one of first astronauts of NASA who could reach the ground of Moon on 1969 said “My body is light now, when I start a running I can’t stop! Also I can calm down with my slanting posture!” His reactions about Moon Walking is very interesting for me.

If the humans start to come and go to the conditions between 0 gravity and 1 gravity in the universe this happening will be a complete first experience in our human’s history. So, like a case of the fish that could get the evolution by the advance to the ground, this happening will be a special drama on a stage of the evolution such a “Challenge to the Step for Next Human”. If we have a possibility of the “Next” as the humans it will be started by such an adventure of the new creation of the postures.


Through “New Thought” we can understand easy about a delicate problem called “Deterioration of the Body” that the astronauts experience in the universal environment. Because the body has been growing up under one gravity condition on the Earth, always the body makes one unity with the environment on the Earth.

          If we use the relation between “Root of a Tree” and “Soil” as a metaphor, the body thrown out in the universal environment without this relation will be same to “Root of a Tree” thrown out in the air without “Soil.” So, soon the body will wither. If we need to do it at any cost we should bring the body together with “Soil”.

Moreover, if we state to realize a “Creation of Universal Culture overcome the contradictions of Earth Culture”, sure, we need to prepare the rich soil more than the soil on the Earth. If it is same soil we only reproduce same Earth Culture with same contradictions.


I know one American movie named “Gravity” on 2013. This movie is a story about one astronaut who had thrown out in a space by the accident of a space ship, but she could return to the earth by a miracle. At the last of this movie is wonderful, she made a print of her hand on the sand at a seaside where she could be washed ashore, and a with a big joy she stood up with unsteady faltering steps like an amphibian that could land on the ground as a first runner at the ancient times, then she made big thanks to the ground and she walk slowly on the ground firmly step by step.

This scene has a vivid impression and this movie is an emotional “Story of Return” to the Earth. She could return back to her beloved home. She never repeats a “Same Fault”. She recognized “Ground” is essential for our humans. If we can’t organize a “Development” that grows up the amicable relationship with “Ground”, any kind of developments will be invalidity and it will bring the death to us. This movie could hint its fact to us excellently.

3 For Ageing Society and Genome Editing

          Now Medical Service will open a new door of our human’s history using by iPS cell, Genome Editing and so on. The body is being in the spotlight as the object of “Regeneration” and “Industrialization”.


On 2012 at London Olympic Games Oscar Pistorius, a runner with the artificial leg, shocked the whole world because he could get a good record closed in the records of the non-handicapped runners. Now we have a forecast that some runner with the artificial leg will overtake a world record of Usain Bolt at Tokyo Olympic Games on 2020. So, we know someone started to talk that we should forbid the use of the artificial leg in Olympic Games, it will be OK only in Paralympic Games. We can understand this attitude will be natural, but we should see more exactly because we find a deep-rooted distinction towards handicapped people from non-handicapped people there. Why non-handicapped people want to continue to control handicapped people indefinitely? If the record by a handicapped runner is a problem I would like to suggest that it is OK non-handicapped people will use the artificial leg too? Or, they should develop more useful new artificial leg? The new topic about “Distinction between Handicapped and Non- handicapped” also about “Difference between Artificial and Natural” has started.

Modern Design could reach the concepts of Barrier-free Design and Universal Design, but now they are seeking to deal with these difficult problems too. In that time, without distinction of non-handicapped people, handicapped people, and elderly people, maybe Modern Design will be not able to work well if they don’t adopt the ideas about the individuality and the party. Also, we will see same condition in the case of the body care for elderly people. Because in our society in tomorrow elderly people will be not always “Weak Person”, the number of “Strong Person” as a new type will increase. As we know “Strong Person” don’t need too much care.


Moreover, on 2015 Anthony James, a molecule biologist, announced a sensational big news that he could get a success to create a new mosquito that don’t need the intermediation with a malaria parasite by Genome Edition. So, on December 2015 many scientists from the world come to Washington, capital of U.S.A. to discuss about the ethical standards of Genome Edition.

          At last, Humans has gotten a “Technology to handle All Species of the Creatures.”

It is said that Genome Edition will be a big technology once in hundred years in our human’s history. Many scientists are wondering about this technology that Genome is a valuable legacy through the long history of the evolution, so if we handle it, maybe some irrecoverable problem will happen and we can’t return it to the original condition.


 However, when we face to this big theme such as Enhancement by Genome Edition, even if we find some ethical problem, but if the concerned party can receive the Enhancement well, it will be going difficult to stop it from the outside. Because the way how to treat the individual body will be free for everybody, they don’t need any kind of permissions to do it including a makeup, a cosmetic surgery, and a drug, also a tattoo, a body pierce, a doing injury to the body, at last a suicide. So, nobody can oppose to it basically. By taking the Enhancement if we can get back our health, or if we can get the body ability more beyond the natural condition, and if we don’t have any side effects after the operation, also if we will be able to control a long life freely, it will be just a realization of our human’s long dream. In that time, we can’t find any kind of reasons for opposition, everybody will jump at the Enhancement.

4 For Information-Oriented Society


Now, several IT companies like Facebook and Google are competing ruthlessly for getting the domination of the platform through the Internet used by the smartphone. They will liken the users around the world to the “Virtual Nations” and they will get their big dates to make use of it for the business. On the other side, It is pointed out a fear that a complete “Monitoring Society” will come in the near future when the authority will use this big dates.

Including such a problem how to use the big dates, now we have other big problem called “Progress of Virtual Reality” as a pending matter in our information-oriented society. In truth, as a first time, humans could spread the information as the virtual realities with a wide scale. Whether they use a PC or a smartphone the people who spend most of a day on the online, they are developing the Internet world as one of other real worlds day by day. At the opening of a Walkman, the regular users who use the iPod and other equipment are transforming the real experiences intercepting the real sounds by the artificial sounds. From now, in addition to the image, Virtual Reality and Extended Reality will permeate into our society with the spread of a display for a retina, a glass screen, and a head set, then our daily life will change based in the auditory environment and the visual environment more and more.


But, also this impulse of Virtualization is a same kind of expression of our human’s mentality to hope to realize a dream, so nobody can stop it. As a general speaking, people are thinking about the Virtualization with a negative feeling because it will be a cause to threaten the feeling of the reality from the kids and adult that they need it for their existence except the practical used in health care. Surely, when people depend on the Virtualization too much they should lose the independence and decrease the physical sensation. And people will be swept up in the one-sided flood of information by the information technology, or the virtual world will be used as a place of escape from reality. So we can’t ignore its evil influences. But through this kind of several bad reasons, we can’t stop a powerful tendency of the Virtualization.


Recently, the event that professional Go players and Shogi players lose to artificial intelligence Go and artificial intelligence Shogi is going on. As a result, the vigilance against artificial intelligence will rise at once, it is feared that AI will surpass the human’s intelligence and the day when human’s work will be totally deprived. Indeed, various programming of “AI models” such as “Taxi Driver with superior intuition than humans”, “Financial Market Trader who produce ideas better than humans”, and “Politician who create policies superior to humans” has begun.

On the other hand, as a side expecting artificial intelligence, Son, a president of SOFTBANK in Japan said that “super capacity, super intelligence by AI will exceed human’s intellectual activity, then every industry is redefined, no traffic accident happens, its world will be realized soon” and expects the arrival of “Singularity” as a turning point where artificial intelligence exceeds human’s intelligence.


 However, in Japan, as Yoshiharu Hanyu, one of excellent Shogi Players said “No matter how AI evolves, it is only for human beings to make value judgments and questions, human beings are never overtaken by AI”, yes I think so too “Singularity” will never come. It is impossible for AI to develop super-intelligence and mind only by infinite accumulation and combination of data.

Therefore, rather than wary of AI excessively, also we don’t expect AI too much, but from the point of view that AI’s progress will be useful for elucidating the mechanism of the brain, we can use as much as we need. The most interesting point is that even if we get the results that AI exceeds human’s intelligence, it is black boxed, our humans don’t understand, also AI don’t understand. The elucidation of this “Black Box” will open the possibility that our humans can learn from AI and add elements that are insufficient to us as new human’s abilities. It will also be useful for elucidating the mystery of human’s own maximum “Black Box = Consciousness“.

5 When we see our Planet from Universal View Point

          Human’s dreams and desires determine “Next Evolution”, so the development of imagination will be important definitely.


Any problems on the ground are complicated and difficult to understand. As everyone knows, the future of mankind is not rosy. Earth problems such as conflicts between countries, which never stops, religious conflict, ethnic conflict, terrorism, disease, poverty, winning of winners, destruction of the environment, etc. are complicatedly intertwined and we can not find the way how to solve these problems.

We are still living a world in which there is a danger that the earth will be covered with the ashes of death with just one nuclear button. Even if we leave the real world and find “Another Earth” on the net, even if we acquire “New Freedom” as a net person, there is no change in being bound as a member of a real nation. No real free trafficking is allowed, and everyone is strictly managed with “Power of State = Passport“. Freedom to acquire in the net and freedom in the state are completely different things.


 We are still living a world in which there is a danger that the earth will be covered with the ashes of death with just one nuclear button. Even if you leave the real world and find “another earth” on the net, even if you acquire “new freedom” as a net person, there is no change in being bound as a member of a real nation. No real free trafficking is allowed, and everyone is strictly managed with “power of state = passport”. Freedom to acquire in the net and freedom in the state are completely different things.

However, such a global problem will be also easy to understand from the space view as seen from the moon as the blue earth floating in the universe. It turns out that complicated fractured problems are also due to a combination of several simple fractures. Since space development is also reflection of ground knowledge, by examining the technology carried out by humans in space development, we can understand the present state of human knowledge on earth. This is the characteristic of our new era, “If we look from the universe we can see the earth well”.


The world progresses are quickly, the boundary of morals and ethics becomes ambiguous, the intellect of the world is made relative, the effect is lost, people are kept in front of the problems of the new world one after another. Even if we don’t have a human-centered ego hidden somewhere, not forcing religious values of some parts of the planet to the world, we can be surprised to modify our own system each time a new technology comes up without choosing or developing the necessary technologies by ourselves, evolving our bodies and the environment as much as necessary, so that all necessary responsibilities are borne by ourselves, more confident in the world, is there no way to shift?


In the 20th century, there was a tragedy that many physicists such as Einstein and Heisenberg were involved in the development of atomic bombs and the outcome was badly used for politics. After that, scientists organized and resisted the peace conferences to prevent nuclear abolition and nuclear proliferation, but it was not effective. Still now, about 15,000 nuclear powers are diffusing all over the world.

Technologies such as genome editing, brain remodeling, artificial intelligence, robotics engineering will be put on similar phases. In the world, the rumors say that “Cloned Humans” and “Brain Remodeled Humans” are already born, and robot soldiers are about to appear next to the unmanned airplane for attack. In that sense, humanity certainly reaches a critical phase. A completely new kind of human beings will be born or the possibility of a robot performing a war on behalf of human beings will be approaching reality.


However, we can do whatever development freely as much as we need. We can do gene manipulation, brain remodeling, cyborg formation as much as we like. However, always prepare to be exploited badly, divide the good and evil, don’t enclose ourselves belonging to the good world, always think about the conditions for not being used badly, and proceed in case of bad use under the condition that it participates in the side that takes responsibility.

That is, in other words, it is important to create a new world that is not troublesome as a whole even if it is exploited badly. In short, we should create “B” such that “B” is better than “A”, and when a person who made “A” knows “B”, he will regret “A”. Or, even if “A” appears, we should create “B” that is not infringed by “A”. If that is the case, we can strive. We don’t need to come down to the pessimism. Regardless of any evil, any stagnation, it is okay for us.


In our new world, the technology can’t determine the future of human beings. On the contrary, humans decide the future of technology. The history of human beings is becoming a characteristic period as “Human’s Dreams decide Next Evolution” more than ever. Some will make mistakes, ridiculous results. Some will succeed. In order to minimize the harm caused by the wrong people, it is necessary for many success stories to appear in the world.

Thus, the core of our theme is to prepare countermeasures and maps in advance as to what to do when a situation we don’t want to anticipate happens. Even if we exploit technology badly, it will be destroyed in 100 years. Whatever modification of the living body by genome editing succeeds, it is waste if it can’t build affinity with the living body. That it is destined to destroy even if it enters space without preparing anything. The more accurately the new intelligence “Map” is formed, the less we err in the way we do. The more optimistic the prospects are, the more ambiguous this “Map” is.

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