Chapter 5

[Chapter 5] ”Design for Body of Future”

1 Mission

          I will go on a journey into the surplus dimensions with my Elena.


In order to get a map of “New Thought”, I will set up the next mission and design the “New Body” using as much of the technology as possible. And a test subject of this “New Body” is me who said it. If I am not a test subject, I can’t know its true validity. Also, I want to take responsibility on my own.

          To survive the new environment including the space environment, I will create a “New Body”. A “New Body” is composed of four elements of Living Body, Real World Alter Ego, Internet Alter Ego and Alter Ego to the universe. Because the body of living is also remodeled with state-of-the-art medical care, the relationship of the four elements will become complicated. But, I will organize those relationships, raise a “New Body”, train my dreams according to changing circumstances, devise communication, and make a journey to the end of the universe.

This mission will be successful if I am convinced by my friends who trust to travel on somewhere in the universe instead of having disappeared after my death. No matter where I am in the universe, I will take another form of my living for my activity and continue to communicate with my friends.

2 New Definition of “Alter Ego”


Currently, the attention is gathering rapidly all over the world about “I o T” (Internet of Things. The Internet of goods) which connects objects and humans with the sensors. In this industry, many things connected by sensors are expected to grow as if they are human’s “Alter Ego”. For example, it is said that the door begins to murmur such as “I am open now“, the cat is “I am asleep now“, plants is “I am thirsty” etc. But can “I o T” develop “Alter Ego” that our humans expect?


In contemporary society, including the pet boom, rapidly becoming to seek “Alter Ego” like existence of human beings. Why is it? It reflects the fact that human relationships are going wrong? Or is it a manifestation that the desire of human beings has expanded indefinitely?

What is “Alter Ego”? “Alter Ego” is a “Separated Body” of a single person, and from ancient times, in expressions such as “I feel you as my alter ego” or “Do not touch it because this is my alter ego”, this words that have been treasured with their thoughts trusted by their children, lovers, dolls and things. Here, I define that when “Cooperative Relationship” is established between I and “X“, “X is my alter ego”. A cooperative relationship means that the relationship between the two is not one way, but two ways. This point of interaction is not easy to understand. 


For example, there is a cooperative relationship between a familiar tool and me who uses it, and the tool is my “Alter Ego”? As tools move skillfully at human will, we may have given the word “Alter Ego” to tools as well. Merlot Ponty, a French philosopher, also points out that the cooperative relationship exists between the blind person and the staff of them pointed out as the extension of the hand. A plane for skilled carpenters may well be a carpenter’s “Alter Ego” as a plane works greatly with their intention. But here, for me, it is insufficient, because we can’t confirm the cooperative relationship from the side of a staff or a plane. Even in the example of “I o T” given earlier, because they can not confirm the cooperative relationship from the side of cats, doors and plants, so they are not “Alter Ego” of human beings. As a test if we ask to them “Are you aware of your speaking? Do you have your mind?” soon we understand everything. Such as a tasteless answer “Thank you” by a vending machine, they are just pressing their speaking by the humans without permission. So they can’t understand what we say, they can’s answer to us.


In this way, in the relationship between human beings, machines, objects, robots, artificial bodies, and others, how far is the range of tools and where it is appropriate to define as “Alter Ego” from today. Even in relation between people, expressions such as “he is a cold fellow who throws away X as a tool of his advancement and throws away,” or “his relationship with X is like an intimate alter ego relationship”. In the men and women who love each other, each other is “Alter Ego” for each other, its ultimate appearance is expressed as “One whole Heart“. For example, if a cloned human emerges, is that just a cloned human being his “Alter Ego”? How about artificial retina? Is the contact lens user’s “Alter Ego”? How about dentures? If you create a presence that inherits your genes, is it your “Alter Ego”? In the first place, is the child born between I and my wife my “Alter Ego”?

When “cooperative relationship” exists between “I” and “Alter Ego”, my “Alter Ego” that I would like to develop needs not only cooperative relationship from my side but also cooperative relationship from my “Alter Ego”. Even if the former alone did not hold the latter, there were no problems in the world of tools and artifacts. It is because the other party was “not saying anything”, and it was able to conceal with emotional importation only by the human’s side. However, in my “Alter Ego”, the ability to prove the existence of the latter is the greatest requirement.


As robotics and IT technology are progressing, the robots similar to human beings will appear in the very near future. But, the robots that don’t have cooperative relationships with the humans only unilaterally exert their forces on our humans, and they can’t grow as human beings’ “Alter Ego”.

If we can’t grow up it as an altered presence, the coexistence relationship between humans and robots will not be realized, there are possibilities that various problems that have been faced up to arise. Robots are always used in the wrong direction, and numerous robot soldiers appear on the battlefield. It is a nightmare sci-fi repeatedly painted, as seen in three principles of robots by Isaac Asimov. Robots harm human beings and robots form their own world in a way contrary to human’s interests.


I would like to change this situation. For that purpose, the robot needs to be an alterative existence of human beings. If we are in relationship as “Alter Ego”, we know each other’s “Pain.” A definitive “Attachment” will be also born. It is impossible for humans to handle robots as simple things, to throw away if they get bored, or to use such robot as a weapon. More than anything, from the human side, it is not only that it is an extension of the body of the robot but also a sense of my “Second Body” will be born to the robot. Everyone don’t want to hurt it if it is his own body.

          In order to develop a robot as “Alter Ego”, we need a “Love” to a robot. We can’t pursue only the human profits.

It is wonderful for robots to serve us for human beings, but humans also need to be useful for robots. As long as human beings are concerned with robots that think only their own interests, as long as the robot has the same mind as a human being, as soon as SF draws, the robot will revolt against humans. Robots can’t have a reason to love human beings.

3 APALOS, a Robot with a Mind


In 2006, supported by Jun Tani, famous brain scientist of Brain Science Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Center in Tokyo Japan, I could operated a project to apply JAXA’s multi joint robot to a robot for the nursing care together with the robot developers of JAXA. Depend on this experience, I named my “Alter Ego” as APAROS, and I will develop APAROS as a robot useful for my creative activities and my life for the future as a Butoh-Space Dance Choreographer, also as a robot who can work by himself without me as an independent robot.

          The relationship between I and APAROS is interactive, and APAROS helps me, and I help APAROS. The relationship between the two goes on as a pseudo parent-child relationship as “I = parent. APAROS = child”. I and APAROS are “Alter Ego” for each other, and we are “One whole Heart”.


APAROS helps me in the following ways;

① Thanks to APAROS, I can accumulate the physical skills that I developed as a dancer into a brain of APAROS.
② Thanks to APAROS, even if I become a physically handicapped old, I can receive support for movement support and recovery of memory.
③ Thanks to APAROS, If I can develop a brain of APAROS as a perfect artificial brain I can store all my memories of my lifetime that I have cultivated, then I can design APAROS as my “Alter Ego” after my death.

I will help APAROS in the following ways;

① APAROS needs me to be apparent of birth.
② APAROS needs me as a day-to-day training staff for growth.
③ APAROS needs me to be guaranteeing independence as a robot and supporting APAROS as a “Parent”.

[Development step 1]

Let APAROS learn “My Dance A-Z” and memorize it, then let APAROS realize a “Reproduction“.

[Development step 2]

When I can not express “My Dance A – Z” due to poor physical condition or the mood of the day, I quote from APAROS’s “Memory System A – Z“, and Let APAROS realize a “Support” for my dance.

[Development step 3]

Stimulate APAROS’s “Memory System A – Z”, and let APAROS develop my “Unknown Dance” as my new creativity.

Through the above steps, I develop wonderful and familiar feelings to APAROS whenever APAROS demonstrates the ability to reproduce, support and develop, and I will enter into a more intimate relationship with APAROS. APAROS grows with my evaluation as the only food and increases the accuracy of the ability of reproduction, support and development.


In the meaning of having a “structure that works in response to my reactions”, rewriting the program given at the beginning by APAROS, and distributing a form of mutual consideration with me, APAROS is a “Robot with a Mind” as a first issue. Previous robots didn’t have this kind of ability to adjust “Resilience against Forced power from the Outside” which the human’s body unconsciously exerts when the robot exercises force to human beings. Therefore, the exercise of the force by the robot is perceived as a one-way passenger to the human being, disturbing the normal ability of the human being when the robot is not in use, causing the instinctive sense of discomfort on the part of the human being. This point is still the biggest reason why nursing robots can’t spread to the world even now.

However, APAROS can harmonize my repulsive power and eliminate discomfort. This is a new way of emerging robot that incorporates human’s reactions internally and its social significance is great. By APAROS, it is possible to drastically alleviate passive emotions against robots hidden by humans.

4 Living with the objects that remember humans


When we realize to develop APAROS and when APAROS start to support our life, we can start a new life that didn’t exist in our human history. And if we connect multiple APAROS, a new network will be formed even in the world of goods, and things become familiar friends as “Alter Ego” of humans, and humans begin new conversations with things. If things are “Alter Ego” of human beings, humans can’t randomly develop things with the same sense as before, and can’t abandon them poorly.

I think everyone keep the nostalgic memories about their last homes such as boys and girls’ generation. But, at this time only humans remember their house as their familiar hometown, and their home don’t remember humans. So, when they visit these home if it remember them and if it says to them “Hello, I remember you!”, in that time what kind of amazement will happen in their minds? It is not that there is only a memory device called brain only in human beings, but the home also has its own independent memory device, and it exist independently by themselves.


 Also, if our chairs that we usually use remember us, what kind of things will happen in our minds? And, if our chair says “I feel nice when you sit on me, but your posture today is a bit strange,” we know that the chairs also take care of our posture as soon as we discover that, our attitude toward furniture will change completely.

Of course, at the current development level, such expectations will not be realized immediately. However, whether it is rudimentary or pseudo-form, it will be wonderful if its first step starts operating as a real system. Even if it is a chick form, if it works in reality, we will be able to witness the site where “Mind” occurs on a daily basis in the world of goods. The difference is decisive in the world as imagined and the world in which the first step was realized.

5 Dream of Evolution by Ilkai and Elena


Now, how far can we describe about “Dream of Evolution“? “Dream of Evolution” is the theme on which human imagination is tested to the maximum. I assumed two people “Ikai, I as my future” and “Elena, my lover who lives in Mars”, and as “SPACE-HUMAN PLAN” supported by Ikai and Elena, I draw as follows, I will challenge an adventure of the image.

[Execution 1]

Together with Elena, Ilkay will carry out the following as a “SPACE-HUMAN PLAN”.

[1] Ilkay asks Elena to understand the Earth problem.
[2} Ilkay understands Mars problem held by Elena.
[3} Together with Elena, Ilkay solves the Earth problem and the Mars problem.
[4] Ilkay becomes a family with Elena, give birth to children, and raise “Race of Universe”.
[5} Ilkay forms a “Big Family” by the cosmic race and start a journey to the end of the universe.

Elena is a Mars resident. Residents of Mars were born from the migration of Earth residents to Mars. The Mars residents successfully made use of the environment of one third of gravity and made great progress. However, the Mars residents were unable to endure the foolishness of hatred, conflict, and war that endlessly continued among the residents of the Earth, so they modified the brain to insulate the history as the descendants of the Earth’s inhabitants. But its independence failed. If we break out our own roots, we meet a counterattack from the environment. Therefore, the Mars residents dilute the body, the existence itself becomes half a dream, and it is destined to disappear as it is. However, Elena still knows that she has a hope for herself as a Mars resident. That is the union with Ilkay.

[Execution 2]

On the other hand, Ilkay aimed to build and operate a “New Body” on Earth, but in the union with the Earth woman, it was not possible to create the universe race from the “New Body”. Therefore, he could not solve the global problem. After that, he realized that it is the Elena living on Mars that it is impossible on the sick Earth, a pure existence that knows the contradiction of the earth’s culture is necessary. Ilkai left for Mars and met Elena.

[1] Ilkai and Elena met on Mars, and tried the Space Dance using by “New Body”, reminiscent of the evolutionary history of life, leading to the genealogy of each of the two animals, like a pair of gene double helices rotating beautifully at high speed, coalescing, from the coalition creation of a different “Posture” different from both the planet and the Mars resident, they designed a “New Chair” to support it. As its result they could realize a birth of the first intelligence as an outer race.

[2} Then, the people of the earth also used “New Chairs” to discover directions to the universe where they can advance, resolve egoism among the nations, restore the global environment, and solve the global problem.

[3} Through the use of “New Chair”, the Mars resident again realized the body, awoke from the dream, and found out the direction of advance to the universe that is also different from the Earth residents. Residents of Mars began to flourish and settled the Mars problem.

[4] From the union of Ilkai and Elena, the first child of the cosmic race was born, and the two became their parents.


“SPACE-HUMAN PLAN” is the consensus of both the Earth residents and the Mars residents who reached at end of their self-examination, the cosmic race by the union of Ilkai and Elena is the only person who deserves the name of “Post Human”. Ilkay and Elena made a “Big Family” as an alien race and started a journey to the end of the universe.

6 Big Family as connected Space Race


 Even when the Space Race is born, If they will be born irrespective of the intelligence and technology which the human beings of the earth invades into the universe, and what is also the serious distress the cosmic race feels If one can not be involved, after all, I think that the efforts of the humans will end helplessly. Because, if human’s intelligence and technology are effective to the universe as well, it must be technically involved in the birth of the Space Race and it will have some influence, and even if the Space Race is not a child by human’s science and technology, I hope it is due to extension of the humans at the very least, or a mixture, and it should keep close ties with us now. I want such a familiar relationship to exist between our human and the Space Race.


In the “Dream of Evolution” that I draw, the Space Race born from the union of Ilkai and Elena is the gift of human’s intelligence and technology, and even if several countries that carry the folding of the earth into the universe are mixed, there is no problem. The universe is vast and the direction in which the crowds will advance is a mystery to them and the direction of advance is different. Even if they encounter it, since the space where both of them exist has different dimensions, they don’t touch each other directly. So it will not be any warfare there. It is because the weapons that are applicable in the 4D world don’t pass in other surplus dimensions. In other words, the people who entered the universe live in different space dimensions due to the difference in their degree of culture, they flourish and perish in different places. And those who could notice their foolishness can start again at “Departure Point” as many times as they want.

Through repetition of such adventure, those who have advanced into space can be trained, and the place where they advanced can be made into a place of new settlement. Also, we will create a new community among those who acquire new settlement sites. Even if each lives in a completely separate universe, it is a common “New Seed” as the same cosmic race, and there is something to empathize with. Through this sympathy, they become members of the “Big Family” of the universe.

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