Words from Lesson

[Words from Butoh-Space Dance Lesson]

[1] Kazuo Ohno

One day I asked to Kazuo Ohno “Why you don’t feel tiredness for such a continuous dancing?” At that, he could answer to me “Numberless souls exist behind me and always they say to me we want to see your dance. My energy of my dance comes from them. So, I don’t feel tiredness entirely because their energy are infinity.

[2] Tatsumi Hijikata

One day Tatsumi Hijikata asked to me “Why Butoh Choreographer needs own words?”. I answered to him that we need it for “Standing Up”. Because having own words is standing by ourselves and having own world as a spirit.

[3] Shusaku Arakawa

One day Shusaku Arakawa forced me to an unreasonable discussion, “we should disappear our body to get the immortality. How do you think?”. I answered to him “No, I don’t think so. we can find another way to get the immortality when we master to float our body little and create new postures with a new dance technique. we need the body forever.

[4] another planet

In my Butoh, I am so happy because I see myself from far-off another planet.

[5] mature dance

Butoh can realize “Mature Dance together with the Age”. This ability points up a big difference between Butoh and other dances. In other dance worlds, usually dancers should retire at some time, they can’t overcome the age. We can find a reason in this point why Butoh is popular in today’s world.

[6] beauty

We don’t need being a beaufitul person. Because each time the beauty will be créated and each time it have a destny to fade out.

[7] weight

We need just a weight. If we have a weight we can start Butoh by floating our body little.

[8] story

The body is not a tool for expressing a story, the body is a story”. We can start our jumps to a “New World” depend on this recognition.

[9] object

When I organize my body as the object as much as possible, I can get the freedom. In that time my body and my brain start to talk its “Long Past History” and “Vision of Body”.

[10] satisfaction

We move because we are filled. We don’t need to act hastily because we are filled. We go out from the condition with the full to find a something new, and we return back to the full. When we continue this movement as a breathing the full starts to expand it like a “Snowball”.

[11] mind and form

“Mind” seeks “Form” and “Form” forwards “Mind“. Usually it is difficult to stop to stick to “Form”, because I would like to love it as my lover. But when I don’t stick to one “Form” i can meet with unforeseen “Form” more. And, my true dear lover waits me with an unexpected figure in advance of worlds with various “Form”.

[12] surplus dimension

When I stands up in a Space a “FLUCTUATION” will come up. The audience sees me as a dancer who lives in a Space and see me as a dancer who dances as a Space. There, a Space moves with a “FLUCTUATION” together with my movements. 5th Dimension World appears into this “FLUCTUATION” in a Space, so I am dancing while I am bringing 5th Dimension World into our world. At last the audience starts to think about me, I exist both into our world and into 5th Dimension World same time as a double-existence.

[13] music

When I repeat one my favorite movement, i don’t know why, but I can hear a nostalgic and mysterious music. I feel it is a cry of long past amimal which is memorized in my brain. I wonder I hear it as “change of unknown tiny flow of electricity = music” during a time one old memory and one new memory contact each other.

[14] alone

Human beings are always alone, both when we come into the world, when we create our important expressions, and when we die. So, one miracle named “Love” has been born to bring into contact “One” and “One.”

[15] dear one

When our feelings clear we can meet with our dear one whom we want to meet. In my dream, I am following my lost beautiful lover, she died at an early age.

[16] gate

Following her appearance, I could pass through one narrow gate that usually I couldn’t do it. And I could appear at a strange world, before i never see it. Oh, Surplus Dimension exists here, very near with our world!

[17] awake up

There she was sleeping in calm. Also the lost animals, the dead people, and the aliens were sleeping in calm too. My lost lover, come up now, please awake up and come to life again as my wife.

[18] love

What is Love? Love is a condition when I am living with a new unified existences, no difference between I and others. A world filled with Love is truly happy, it looks same but quite different. A world lost Love suddenly changes to the emptiness.

[19] face

I became new. When I looked at my face in the mirror there was another face that I had never seen. I felt nostalgic with this face.

[20] seed, age, and design

I dance to sow a “New Seed” on the ground where Tatsumi Hijikata fell down. I dance to make a “New Record” beyond Kazuo Ohno’s record dancing until 103 years old. I dance to respond to Shusaku Arakawa who whispered to me a mysterious word with a “New Solution.”

[21] Creation of Postures

By replacing dance as “Creation of Posture” the world of new design starts from dance. We can get a route to approach to 7,5 billion people around the world.

[22] Maito-re-ya

I know one small Buddha named “Maito-re-ya” with an ancient smile at Uzumasa-Koryuji in Kyoto, Japan. Is there such a quiet and beautiful smile in this world? “Maito-re-ya” sat down next to me and she said “Time, It’s you.

[23] gift

I am so happy and busy every day because I have my favorite works increased year by year. In my body and in my brain young cells are born, and in my night dream I am flying as a dinosaur with a wing. I feel everything are “Gift” from Butoh.

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