●SPACE DANCE TOKYO & Other CIties 2018-2020


We will hold “SPACE DANCE TOKYO & Other Cities 2018-2020” If you are interested in please join this project.

Now we are planing to hold “SPACE DANCE TOKYO & Other Cities 2018-2020, Exhibition + Kids Space Dance + Space Dance Workshop & Performance + Photo Gallery” as the exchange program between Tokyo and Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Miami, New York, Kampala, Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Berlin, Warsaw, and other cities at Tama-Rokuto Science Center as a foothold on September 2018-September 2020 in Tokyo. At first we hold Space Dance Project at Museum, Science Museum, Arts Center, University, and School in each cities, then we show its fruits at Tama-Rokuto Science Center.  

And, through this plan, we form “International Team A & B & C, Produce team + Art & Science team + Space Dancer Team” which we need it in order to open “SPACE MUSEUM“. Then, we challenge to open “SPACE MUSEUM” from 2021 at several cities in the world.

If today’s our information society goes on with this momentum, and if we can’t establish a good way to use the progress of virtualization effectively, our humans will lose the general body sensation and will shrink the brain’s power, then we wonder we will exist as “Shadows“. So, we will restore “Power of Real Body” by Space Dance Project, and learn the way “How to make use of Real and Virtual effectively together?“. Then, we will train “Scientific Sense” that both the adult and the children need to live well in our world.

If you are interested in this plan and “International Team A & B & C” please contact with Tokyo Space Dance to “” or ““. We send to you its information more exactly.

[Cape Town]
”Kids Space Dance, Butoh Space Dance Workshop & Peformance, Presentation-International Butoh
[Venue] Stellenbosch University, Dominica School, Dance For All, TAAC
[Inquiry] Kristina Johnstone,







2017年9月10日(日) 11:00-17:00 (出入り自由)
会場: 多摩六都科学館
(東京都西東京市芝久保町5-10-64 電話: 042-469-4152 URL:


[主催] 福原哲郎 & 東京スペースダンス
[共催] 多摩六都科学館
{後援} 宇宙航空研究開発機構(JAXA)
{参加費} 多摩六都科学館への入館料 (大人・500円 / 高校生〜4歳・200円)

◎『スペースチューブへの誘い』 多摩六都科学館・館長 高柳雄一









【1】スペースチューブ自由体験 11:00-12:00
【2】プレゼンテーション 八木陽平(JAXA・調査国際部) 12:00-12:30
【3】スペースチューブ体験ワークショップ 12:30-13:30
【4】参加型トークショー<1>「宇宙と福祉〜障害と健常の区別を超えて」 13:30-15:00 
[司会]高柳雄一(館長) 八木陽平 + 光盛史郎(JAXA・調査国際部) + 福原哲郎(東京スペースダンス)
【5】スペースダンス公演 15:00-15:45 
[スペースダンス & メディアデザイン] tombo + atito + 石黒香 + ジョアナ・チカウ + ビナール・シンカ + 白鳥紗也子 + マサコ・グレイ +  川崎幸臣 + 福原哲郎
【6】プレゼンテーション『VR・AR・人工知能・ロボットの最新動向』 川崎幸臣(NEC)  15:45-16:00
【7】参加型トークショー<2>「アートとサイエンスの交差点〜余剰次元・親和性・リアルとバーチャル」 16:00-17:00
[司会]高柳雄一(館長) 川崎幸臣(NEC) + ジョアナ・チカウ(メディアデザイナー/リスボン) + 福原哲郎
【8】写真展 11:00-17:00 (エントランスホール)

多摩六都科学館 電話: 042-469-4152

– Cultural Program for Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Game 2020-
[Time; September 2018 – September 2020]

September 10, Saturday 2017 11:00-17:00
Venue: Tama-Rokuto Science Center
 Tel: 042-469-4152 URL:

[Promotion] Tetsuro Fukuhara & Tokyo Space Dance
[Joint Sponsor] Tama-Rokuto Science Center
{Support} Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
{Fee} Adult / 500 japanese yen. High-school Student-4 age / 200 japanese yen


Dear Everyone,

We will hold “SPACE DANCE, When We see our Planet from Universal View Point” to present the Benefit of Space Tube with the view points of “Universe and Welfare” and “Intersection of Art and Science” supported by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) at Tama-Rokuto Science Center in Tokyo on September 10.

Space Tube could debut at the United Nations in New York on April 2001, and it could debut through a study with JAXA on 2004-2006 in Japan too. Space Tube is a “Soft Space” using by a special cloth, everybody can experience “Condition like a Non-gravity” and a “New Balance” in a Space Tube. Also Space Tube can attract a person’s attention in the field of Art and Design as a “Boundary Object, an object which stands on the border“, and it has a Magic to make a smile with everybody.

On 2013-2017 at several museums, science museums and others in the world including Japan we could hold this project, and 280,000 people join this project to enjoy Space Tube Experience and Space Dance Performance. We would like to develop this possibility more. If you are interested in this project ““, please contact with us to or Mine Soyler to Thank you for your attention.


【1】Space Tube Free Experience 11:00-12:00
【2】Presentation Yohei Yagi(JAXA) 12:00-12:30
【3】Space Tube Workshop 12:30-13:30
【4】Talk Show<1>”Universe & Welfare, Beyond Distinction between Non-hadicapped and Handicapped” 13:30-15:00 
[Moderator]Yuichi Takayanagi(Director of Tama-Rokuto Science Center) Yohei Yagi + Shiro Mitsumori(JAXA) + Tetsuro Fukuhara(Tokyo Space Dance)
【5】Space Dance Performance 15:00-15:45 
[Space Dance & Media Design] tombo + atito + Kaori Ishiguro + Joana Chicau + Pinar Sinka + Sayako Shiratori + Masako Gray + Yukiomi Kawasaki + Tetsuro Fukuhara
【6】Presentation “Newest Trend of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics” Yukiomi Kawasaki(NEC)  15:45-16:00
【7】Talk Show<2> “Intersection of Art & Science – Surplus Dimension, Affinity, and Real & Virtual” 16:00-17:00
[Moderator] Yuichi Takayanagi Yukiomi Kawasaki(NEC) + Joana Chicau (Media Designer) + Tetsuro Fukuhara
【8】Photo Gallery 11:00-17:00

Tama-Rokuto Science Center Tel: +81 42 469 4152
Tokyo Space Dance


●シンポジウム『国際舞踏』 in ニューヨーク

昨年の10月。アニタがワルシャワ現代美術館の前にあるTheater Instituteで私の20年ぶりのソロ公演を制作してくれた。20年もの間、私は他の仕事に忙しく、ソロ公演に集中する余裕がなかった。しかしソロ公演はとても重要。アニタのおかげで、私は「舞踏家人生の第二期」を始めることができた。私はいま、新鮮で若々しい眼をもって世界を見ることができるようになった。


[日時] 11月13日・18:00 
[会場] Howl! Art in Manhattan (6E 1st St, New York, NY tel; 917 475-1294)
[テーマ] 「舞踏とは何か?」、「国際舞踏」、「スペースダンスとは何か?」
[発表] 福原哲郎、Vangeline

● 『Butoh-Space Dance ワークショップ』 by 福原哲郎

[日時] 11月 9日 & 10日 & 11日 & 12日
November 9 & 10, 18:00-21:00 /  November 11 & 12, 13:00-18:00
[会場] CAMEO STUDIOS, studio A (307 West 43rd Street conner of 8th Avenue in Manhattan.)

●公演 “FLOWER SECRET by 福原哲郎” and “Vangeline Theater

[日時] November 17 & 18 & 19, 20:00
[会場] Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn

[問合せ・予約] Vangeline;


On October 2016 Anita Zdrojewska produced my solo performance after 20 year’s activity at Theater Institute in front of Warszawa Modern Museum in Poland. In these 20 years i was so busy for other works, I couldn’t afford to realize it. But, solo performance will be very important. Thanks to Anita, I could start my “Second Life” as Butoh-Space Dance Choreographer. Now I have a very fresh eye to the world.

Then, just now we see a phenomenon called “2nd Butoh Boom” gets around the world, so this symposium “International Butoh” will be an important meaning for it. We have a possibility to jump up Butoh to a new field beyond the difference of “Butoh with Darkness” and “Improvisation Butoh” depend on today’s our feeling & today’s technology from a view point of “VISION of BODY“..

[date] November 13 18:00 
[venue] Howl! Art in Manhattan (6E 1st St, New York, NY tel; 917 475-1294)
[fee] free admission
[3 themes] “What is Butoh?”, “International Butoh”, and “What is Space Dance?” 
[demonstration] Tetsuro Fukuhara and Vangeline

● Butoh-Space Dance Workshop by Tetsuro Fukuhara

[date] November 9 & 10 & 11 & 12
November 9 & 10, 18:00-21:00 /  November 11 & 12, 13:00-18:00
[venue] CAMEO STUDIOS, studio A (307 West 43rd Street conner of 8th Avenue in Manhattan.)

●Performance “FLOWER SECRET by Tetsuro Fukuhara” and “Vangeline Theater

[date] November 17 & 18 & 19, 20:00
[venue] Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn

[require] Vangeline;

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