Design Workshop / デザインワークショップ

「social design 6 / 社会デザイン 6」

The essence of Space Dance is “Recovering Lost Memories” and “Digitization of Tacit Knowledge“. We will hold the following “Design Workshop 1-6” to realize these themes. 

[Design Workshop 1] Object 1
We make several objects which suggest the amicable relationship between the body and the space.

[Design Workshop 2} Object 2
We make the several objects which support a dance with the affordance by space dancers.

[Design Workshop 3] Image of History of Posture’s Evolution
We express the several postures which space dancers realize in Space Tube as “Image of History of Posture’s Evolution, Fish, Amphibia, Quadrupted Animal, Bird, Monkey, and Human”.
[Design Workshop 4] 4 Rooms
We design “4 Rooms, Balance and Postute, Light and Darkness, Real and Virtual, Restoration and Contemplation” to develop the way to exhibit Space Tube.

[Design Workshop 5] New Office for New Genaration 
We develop Space Cube as a compact version of Space Tube, then we design “New Office for New Generation” using by Space Cube.

[Design Workshop 6] Living Room at the Environment of Less-Gravity Condition
We imagine that in the near future the Humans will start the residence on the Moon also on the Mars, then we design “Living Room at the Environment of Less-Gravity Condition” using by the improved Space Tube or the improved Space Cube.

スペースダンスの核心は「記憶の回復」と「身体知の情報化」である。こ の核心を実現するために必要な作業として、以下のデザインワークショップ1-6を実施する。

[デザインワークショップ1] オブジェクト1

[デザインワークショップ2} オブジェクト2

[デザインワークショップ3] 姿勢の進化史映像
[デザインワークショップ4] 4つの部屋

[デザインワークショップ5] 新世代オフィス

[デザインワークショップ6] 減重力環境における居住ルーム

Space Dance Tokyo & Other Cities 2018-2020 / スペースダンス東京 & 海外都市 2018-2020

We have a plan to hold “SPACE DANCE TOKYO & Other Foreign Cities 2018-2020, Exhibition + Kids Space Dance + Space Dance Workshop & Performance + Photo Gallery” as the exchange program between Tokyo and Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Miami, New York, Kampala, Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Berlin, Warsaw, and other cities at Tama-Rokuto Science Center as a foothold on September 2018-September 2020 in Tokyo. At first we hold Space Dance Project at Museum, Science Museum, Arts Center, University, and School in each cities, then we show its fruits at Tama-Rokuto Science Center.  

And, through this plan, we will form “International Team A & B & C, Produce team + Art & Science team + Space Dancers” which we need it in order to open “SPACE MUSEUM”. Then, we challenge to start “SPACE MUSEUM” from 2021 at several cities in the world.

If today’s our information society goes on with this momentum, and if we can’t establish a good way to use the progress of virtualization effectively, our humans will lose the general body sensation and we will stagnate the brain’s power, then we wonder we will lose the hope to the future. So, we will restore “Power of Real Body” by Space Dance Project, and learn the way “How to make use of Real and Virtual effectively together?“. Then, we will train “Scientific Sense” that both the adult and the children need to live well in the modern world.

If you are interested in this plan and “International Team A & B & C” please contact with Tokyo Space Dance to “” or ““. We send to you its information more exactly.

私たちは、2018年9月〜2020年9月の期間に、『スペースダンス東京 & 海外都市 2018-2020〜体験型展示 + こども宇宙ダンス + スペースダンスワークショップ&公演 + 写真展』を、東京の多摩六都科学館を拠点とし、サンパウロ・メキシコシティ・マイアミ・ニューヨーク・カンパラ・イズミール・イスタンブール・アンカラ・ベルリン・ワルシャワ等との交換プログラムとして実施する計画です。海外の美術館・科学館・アートセンター・大学・諸学校等でスペースダンスプロジェクトを開催し、その成果を多摩六都科学館で発表します。

そして、以上の計画を通じて『スペースミュージアム』運営に必要な『国際チームA & B & C〜プロデュースチーム+アート&サイエンスチーム+スペースダンサー』を形成し、2021年より、内外複数都市で『スペースミュージアム』開館に挑戦します。


以上の実施計画と「国際チームA & B & C」形成にご関心のある方は「」或いは「」までご連絡ください。詳しい資料をお送りします。

Symposium “INTERNATIONAL BUTOH” / シンポジウム『国際舞踏』

I could receive an information about a symposium “INTERNATIONAL BUTOH” from Vangeline. I will hold it together with her on November in New York this year. From Sao Paulo, Cristina Elias will join this symposium as one of speakers. After this symposium My performance and Vangeline’s performance will be hold as 3 days program. Now we see a phenomenon called “2nd Butoh Boom” gets around the world, so this symposium will be an important meaning for it. We have a possibility to jump up Butoh to a new field beyond the difference of “Butoh with Darkness” and “Improvisation Butoh”.


[date] November 13 18:00 
[venue] Howl! Art in Manhattan (6E 1st St, New York, NY tel; 917 475-1294)
[fee] free admission
[3 themes] “What is Butoh?”, “International Butoh”, and “What is Space Dance?” 
[demonstration] Tetsuro Fukuhara and Vangeline
●Performance “FLOWER SECRET by Tetsuro Fukuhara” and “Vangeline Theater”
[date] November 17 & 18 & 19
[venue] Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn
[require] Vangeline; / Tetsuro;


What is Space Dance? Together with 5th Dimension World / スペースダンスとは何か? 五次元世界と共に

「Study for Dance 8 / ダンスの研究8
Influenced by Lisa Randall’s hypothesis of “5th Dimension World“.

When “he” stands up in a Space “FLUCTUATION” will come up. The audience see him as a dancer who lives in a Space and see him as a dancer who dances as a Space. There, a Space moves with a “FLUCTUATION” together with his movements. 5th Dimension World appears into this “FLUCTUATION” in a Space, so he is dancing while he is bring 5th Dimension World into our world. At last the audience start to think about him, he exists both into our world and into 5th Dimension World same time as a double-existence.



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